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How Do You Unclog a Stuck Lotion Pump?

Aug. 16, 2021

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Why do Lotion Pump Stop Working?

Lotion pumps are fairly reliable devices. You push down on the finger pump, soap emerges through the spout, and the pump automatically retracts for the next cycle. But sometimes things get mess up inside the pump. When a pump isn't working, it's usually because it's clogged or the spring is broken.

How do You Unclog a Lotion Pump?

  • If a pump for lotion, shampoo, or liquid soap stops working, the pump is usually just blocked during pump action.

  • Remove the lotion pump from the bottle of soap, lotion, or skin care products, and soak the pump in hot water.

  • Let the blockage soften after soaking for a few minutes, and then try to press the pump head in hot water.

  • The hot water enters the pump and makes full use of the heat to melt and block the solid, so that the solid becomes a milky substance again.

  • Finally, clean and dry, and put it back in your bottle.



  • If you buy a bottle of hand soap, lotion, or other pump dispenser item, sometimes the plunger dispenser is locked down so it won't accidentally squirt while being transported.

  • To unlock the plunger, hold the bottle and twist the plunger counterclockwise until it pops up.

  • Occasionally, the plunger will rotate but not pop up. To remedy this, unscrew the plunger from the bottle and remove it. Wipe the soap or lotion off the stem. Grasp the stem in one hand and the plunger in the other hand and twist it counterclockwise.


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