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How to Choose the Right Lotion Pump?

Sep. 17, 2021


The demand for lotion pumps is growing rapidly. It is important to know how to choose the right emulsion pump.


Depending on the size of the lotion pump and bottle

Common diameters are 18mm, 20mm, 22mm, 24mm, 28mm, 33mm, and 38mm

Common sizes are 400,410,415.

Emulsion pumps and bottle mouths are generally screw-tooth fits, and there is a common standard in the industry. Generally, suppliers produce emulsion pumps according to this standard, and customers choose emulsion pumps according to this specification.


Selection based on lotion pump output range

Before the final product is launched, there is a link to a consumer survey which will basically give an initially recommended usage. Based on this usage, the emulsion pump size can be selected or an integer multiple of the pump output can be pumped out to the recommended usage.

Recommended usage = (1-2) * pump output.

If the recommended usage amount is 1.0ml/dose, choose a 1.0ml/dose emulsion pump, or a 0.5ml/dose emulsion pump.


Selection based on the final packaging format

Determine the packaging capacity, then select the emulsion pump specification according to the size of the packaging capacity, combined with the expected number of uses.


Selection based on lotion pump raw material and liquid compatibility

Must be able to pass consistency tests.


Choose according to the viscosity of the liquid to be contained

Specific data on the viscosity/flowability of the feed solution is provided at the end of the product but is not available from the emulsion pump manufacturer.

Beakers can usually be filled with liquid feed depending on the level of the liquid.

1. the liquid level can be reached in 1-2 seconds, the level has a visible pile mark, an emulsion pump with high suction and spring force needs to be selected and is preferred for high viscosity, followed by the use of vacuum jar/bottle packaging.

2. the liquid level can be reached instantly, the liquid level without any trace, all emulsion pumps and derivative pumps can be used, only need to consider the characteristics of the liquid formulation to choose the right one.

3. The liquid level can be reached instantly, but the liquid level shows slight traces of scale accumulation, the spray pump needs to verify its spraying effect, other emulsion pumps and derivative pumps can be used.

4. The beaker containing the liquid is inverted and the liquid cannot be poured out for a short time, only vacuum jars or packaging forms such as lids, hoses, and cans can be used.

5. The liquid surface shows obvious signs of build-up and does not reach a horizontal state within a short period of time, the high viscosity of the pump also needs to be verified, priority should be given to the use of vacuum jars/bottles or the choice of CAP packaging.


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